Question: Can you give me anything on The Office?

Answer: Ricky Gervais, a nominee for Extras, gave me some exclusive details about the episode he's penning this season. "It's Michael desperately trying to be PC, as usual, and failing miserably. And Jim and Pam send Dwight on a wild-goose chase. They [send him off on an] investigation, and there's a very, very embarrassing moment." Gervais also hinted that there's a "little bit" of a development in the Jim-Pam saga. "It was great writing it. And the strange thing was, I wasn't thinking of [the original British characters] David Brent and Tim and Dawn. I was thinking of Michael Scott and Jim and Pam. We wrote for them. Even though we sort of acted it out, which is how we do stuff, we were totally writing for the American version. I think it's great, by the way. I genuinely think it's great. And we can't wait for it to be syndicated. I'm very excited about the money, even though after taxes we'll be lucky to clear $100 million." Gervais dispelled reports that the British cast would show up at Dunder-Mifflin this season. "That wasn't true," he insists. "That's not true. One of the British tabs probably [started that]." You also shouldn't hold your breath for a revival of the original. "Absolutely not," he huffed. "Because when [the American version] gets syndicated, I'm not going to work again. I'm just going to eat pizza."