Question: Can I please have some more Gilmore Girls scoop?

Answer: It's slim pickings, my dear. All I have for you is... wait, what's this? An exclusive interview with show-runner David Rosenthal, in which he discusses the fallout from last night's controversial Lorelai-Christopher nuptials, among other things? How could I possibly have forgotten?

I'm assuming it's not going to be smooth sailing for the newlyweds, right?
David Rosenthal:
It's one thing to go off on this romantic weekend and get married; it's another thing to actually come back and deal with the reality of being married. Lorelai's never lived with anyone. They've never really lived together. This marriage puts a lot of pressure on them both. That's the big theme for the latter half of the season for Lorelai and Chris, and for Rory. She's facing graduation and her future, and she's always thought, "Oh, I'm going to be a journalist." Rory's going to open herself up to the possibility that there are other options out there for her.

Rory's going to embark on a new career?
She's never really considered anything else; now she's willing to consider everything else. And there's the other issue of Logan being back in New York. There are opportunities that could pull her away from Logan. Suddenly, it's no longer a college relationship. It's two people out in the world, so the stakes become higher.

How will Logan's return impact Rory in the short term?
It will kind of rev up their relationship in good and bad ways. We're going to see their relationship deepen and complicate in many ways.

Will Rory find herself torn between Marty and Logan?
No. Marty's feelings for Rory will really be the issue; it's not reciprocated. The man is still holding a torch. It's something he just can't seem to let go of, and it'll definitely cause problems. But there's nothing on Rory's end. It's not her thing it's his thing.

Back to Lorelai and Christopher, fans are speculating that their marriage is going to be short-lived since David Sutcliffe is allegedly only going to be around for a handful of episodes during the second half of the season. And from that, they're deducing that Lorelai will be back together with Luke by February. Your thoughts?
I'm gonna say, "No comment."

[I don't know about you guys, but that "no comment" spoke volumes to me.]