Melissa George, <I>Grey's Anatomy</i> Melissa George, Grey's Anatomy

As one blogger succinctly put it, Grey's Anatomy seems to be saying goodbye to any character who has ever listened to an Indigo Girls song. Melissa George, who first appeared as bisexual Sadie during November sweeps, is filming her final episode this week.

George's character, an old college pal of Meredith's, was introduced just as Brooke Smith's Dr. Erica Hahn abruptly left Seattle Grace (and bi-curious Callie) in her dust. Though there was talk that Sadie would pick up where Erica left off as far as Callie's adventures below the "Mason-Dixon Line" went, it now appears the two will never even broach first base.

Jessica Capshaw's newly arrived Dr. Arizona instead is reportedly tabbed for some sort of "closeness" with Callie, though you couldn't blame Spielberg's stepdaughter for not decorating her dressing room just yet.

George told reporters at the Golden Globes that while Sadie will not get a big send-off, her departure will have a certain coolness to it.

What's your take? Was Sadie not working for you or will you, like me, miss her impromptu stripping sessions?