If I appear to dwell on Mel Brooks' in-the-works adaptation of Young Frankenstein, it's for good reason: The classic horror spoof was a seminal film for my younger self. Now, the New York Post's theater column repeats that the early take on the stage musical is, well, "scooper duper." Specifically, praise such as "absolutely hilarious," "a total winner," and "really funny - and, for Mel, surprisingly tasteful" was offered by some of the 20 Broadway insiders invited to a top-secret Monday reading. What's more, at the run-through Brian D'Arcy James was so winning in the Gene Wilder role - once thought to be a no-brainer (pun intended) get for (a pre- Odd Couple) Matthew Broderick - that he is now poised to play the doc on Broadway come Halloween 2007.