Getting a bit more crowded here in the press area. The initial group is misleading, as a lot of the empty chairs belong to people (e.g., TV Guide's Ali Gazan) who are working the red carpet, then retreat here later (hopefully minus b.o.). Poor Ali - she broke her foot a few weeks ago, and has to clomp around the glam red carpet in one of those boot thingies. She thought about toughing it out and going without the boot, but ultimately decided against putting all her weight on one foot for seven hours straight.

The photo you see here is of two of the "cigar girls" circulating in the press room. In addition to handing out radios that we use to hear the TV feed - can't have the plasma speakers on when so-and-so from obscure-but-earnest TV-movie is here reflecting on his/her win - this year they are also offering free candy! Red Bull and candy. Sigh.

Hey, I see Grey's Anatomy's Private Practice's Kate Walsh on the Fox feed. She looks swell, very modest dress. Speaking of which, during my last sweaty trek to the red carpet, I saw TV Guide Network's Lisa Rinna. Nice, understated, classy dress. She does us proud.