Spider-Man 3, which already had one best under its belt going into the weekend - it opened on 4,252 screens, topping a record set by

Shrek 2 - went on to claim several other superlatives. First, by selling $59.3 million in tickets on Friday alone, it eclipsed the one-day haul netted by Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (which reaped $55.8 mil in its first day). The webcrawler then proceeded to sink Dead Man's Chest's three-day record, earning a grand total of $148 million over the weekend (making 10 percent of you who voted in last week's poll look veddy smart). Other noteworthy records set: Spidey averaged $34,807 per theater, and bested No. 2 finisher Disturbia by, oh, $142 million. But hey, let's give a round of applause to those plucky Shia LaBeouf fans.