Locking lips with Sarah Michelle Gellar in tonight's episode of the sublime Beverly Hills, 90210 parody Grosse Pointe (airing at 9:30 pm/ET on the WB) didn't faze the show's standout starlet, Lindsay Sloane, in the least. However, shaking hands with Tori Spelling, the 90210 grad whose father and former boss, Aaron Spelling, hit the roof over similarities between his little girl and Sloane's character, sweet but insecure ingenue Marcy Sternfeld... well, that's another story altogether.

"I saw Tori at a party recently, and I made it my mission to talk to her," Sloane tells TV Guide Online. "I never get nervous, but my palms were sweating. Finally, as I was leaving, I was like, 'I have to do it,' so I turned around and beelined toward her."

And...? "I turned into Marcy," Sloane admits sheepishly. "I just started rambling. I was like, 'I think you're really great, but I feel like there's this weird tension, and I never meant to upset you, and I certainly wasn't thinking, Oh, I want to do Tori Spelling...' I just kept talking and talking. Finally, she was like, 'Okay. Okay, thank you.'

"She was really nice," she adds quickly, "but by the end of it, I think she had had enough of me."

While Sloane may never be bosom buddies with Spelling, it actually was her friendship with Gellar that made the Buffy the Vampire Slayer leading lady a Grosse Pointe guest (as herself). "We were trying to figure out a way that we could be in every scene together, and that only happens if you're playing someone's love interest," Sloane explains. "So she was like, 'Well, all right then — I'll just have to play your love interest.'

"We told that to [creator] Darren Star," she continues, "and he came up with a very funny story using that."

Unfortunately for Sloane, the buss stopped short of generating the heat of Gellar's same-sex smooch in the feature Cruel Intentions — the one that earned Gellar and Selma Blair the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. "I thought it was going to be a little bit friskier," Sloane sighs. "It was so simple, like a hello kiss."

Nonetheless, Sloane doesn't hesitate to deem her pal's pucker up to par. "Oh, Sarah's definitely a 10," she insists. "Even just from watching her in other things, I know she knows what she's doing."