Bryan Fuller Bryan Fuller

Now that Pushing Daisies has been clipped, Bryan Fuller is in talks to ink a two-year, seven-figure deal with Universal Media Studios, as part of which he will return to NBC's Heroes in an as-yet-undetermined capacity.

Fuller was a major player during Heroes' first season, before he left to create Daisies. If the deal with UMS goes through, he is expected back in the writers' room starting with this season's Episode 20, says the Hollywood Reporter — hopefully in time to right the struggling sci-fi drama's course. Amid soft ratings and loud grumblings about this season's creative direction, two of Heroes' co-executive producers, Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, were let go in November.

Fuller is currently finishing post-production on the series finale of Pushing Daisies, which was not granted a full second-season order by ABC. As reported this week in's Mega Buzz, at least one of the fantastical show's big mysteries will be resolved in its final outing.