Two-time Super Bowl halftime performer Bruno Mars got in James Corden's Range Rover for Carpool Karaoke on Tuesday's Late Late Show, and the biggest takeaway is that Bruno Mars can make any kind of hat look good.

Corden commented on Mars' ubiquitous headgear — in this case, it's a white baseball cap with "XXIV" stamped on it — and speculated that Mars is so slick he can make even the silliest hat look dope. To prove his point, Corden busted out some prop hats, and offered himself up as a control subject on not being able to pull off hats.

First was a top hat that made Corden look like "an undertaker" and Mars look like Slash. Then a pimp hat that Mars would actually wear. Corden next put on a sparkly gold baseball cap that for some reason Mars didn't put on (probably because he was feeling the pimp hat so much), but he probably could make that work, too. I would watch a full episode of Bruno Mars trying on hats.

The duo also sang a medley of Mars' hits, including "24K Magic," "Locked Out of Heaven," "Grenade" and of course "Uptown Funk." Corden's voice doesn't always work well with his guest's, but he and Bruno actually sound good together.

This is the second Carpool Karaoke in two weeks, after Madonna showed up last week to talk about making out with Michael Jackson.

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