's Carpool Karaoke is more than any of us deserved.

Decked out in black and gold, Madge worked her way through some of her biggest hits with Late Late Show host James Corden, including "Vogue," "Papa Don't Preach" and even an a cappella version of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." But Madonna, still a rebel at heart, refused to allow her seatbelt to hinder her shotgun seat performances and removed the safety device, freeing herself up for some truly bizarre amazing dance moves. Because who cares about violating New York state law and a potential $50 fine when Madonna's entire right leg is hanging out an SUV window bopping along to "Music"? (No one. That's who.)

In between showing off her memorable dance moves and sh---ing on Corden's fashion sense ("It's very Seattle 1990s"), Madonna also dished out some truly hot gossip: she once made out with Michael Jackson after plying him with chardonnay.

"I mean, baby, I've been around," Madonna told Corden about her and Jackson's "tongue-in-mouth kissing," as she oh-so eloquently put it. "I [made the first move], if you want to know the truth, because he was a little bit shy," she continued. "However, he was a willing accomplice."

Thank you, Madonna. Thank you so much for all of this. Please make more late night appearances soon.

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