Sally Field, <i>Brothers & Sisters</i> Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters

Anyone who's spent any time watching ABC this week has seen the promos for Sunday's two-hour Brothers & Sisters movie event. And if you're one of those people, you no-doubt saw the tagline: "A joyous birth, a shocking death, a family shaken to its roots."

We know it's always wise to take TV promos with a grain of salt, and star Rob Lowe gave us even greater reason to do so on The View Friday. "Mark Twain said there are two things you don't want to see made: laws and sausages. I would add that you don't want to see promos being made either," he said. And when asked if his character was a goner? "The show's taking a huge turn on Sunday. The storylines are going to go in a whole new direction. It's really dramatic and I'm really proud of the episode."

Yeah, yeah, fine. But who's gonna take a dirt nap, Rob? We've made the case for a few of the show's characters. Check out or theories and then tell us who you think will be checking out.

Tommy (Balthazar Getty)
This one seems the easiest. Rumors of Getty's exit from the show have been swirling since the actor's off-screen marital problems first hit the blogosphere. However, the producers have adamantly denied Tommy's complete departure from the show, suggesting rather that his pending legal headaches might simply reduce him to a recurring guest star. But maybe a hearse ride will detour his road to the courtroom?

Robert (Rob Lowe)
Senator McCallister's name has made its fair share of appearances in the rumor mill as well. But that would just be cruel, what with the baby on the way and all, right? We do know, however, that the man is a workaholic, and his apparent plans to run for governor would add plenty of stress. Are Kitty's promo tears those of baby-adopting joy or something quite the opposite?

Scotty (Luke MacFarlane)
Kevin and Scotty have quickly become the heart of the show, particularly with their futon chat after Kevin didn't make partner at his law firm. His presence would be sorely missed at family dinners — even the ones that turn into battles royale. On the other hand, we're not sure that ABC should be firing any more gay characters right now.

Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson)
OK, hear us out. We haven't seen Joe since Season 2 — though there have been a number of scenes featuring Sarah's kids running out the door when daddy honks the horn — but his death might finally give Rachel Griffiths something interesting to do dramatically. (No offense to her whippersnapper Web-proprietor partners. Well, some offense.)

Saul (Ron Rifkin)
If Nora is the heart of the Walker family, Saul is its conscience. Considering how the family uses him like an advice ATM, there are few other characters whose departure would provide the promised level of foundation-shaking. We don't see his mug very prominently in the promo, and, well, we all know sometimes age just gets the best of us.

Which of these characters would you most (or least) like to see go? Any theories of your own?