Question: What happened to the Brothers & Sisters show that's usually shown on Boston's Channel 5 on Sunday evenings at 10 pm?

Answer: Well, if it's the same Brothers & Sisters show that airs on New York's Channel 7 at 10 pm, then I believe it went off the air due to the writers' strike and is due back on April 20 with the first of four wallop-packin' episodes. And if you think that's just empty hyperbole, you obviously didn't sit in on my recent interview with B&S exec producers Alison Schapker and Monica Breen. For starters, the issue of Rebecca's paternity is "one of the main questions" that drives the final four episodes, teases Schapker, who adds that there's a shocking twist involving Rebecca and Justin "that no one is going to see coming." In other words, the twist that we have seen coming all these months? It's bigger than that. If you've got any theories, by all means, enlighten me in the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread, 'cause I got nothin'.