Question: Can you spill anything on Brothers & Sisters? Also, how was your visit to the set last week?

Answer: Not much scoop was procured during my set visit, unfortunately. For starters, the cast just started shooting and, as they reminded me, I know more about the coming season than they do. (It's true.) And secondly, I spent almost the entire time shooting the you-know-what with BFFs David Annable and Emily VanCamp, the latter of which, believe it or not, I had never met in person. Needless to say, there was much mutual fawning to do. Wait a second, I did uncover a little scooplet on the set: Nora and Kevin are converting to Republicanism. At least that's the story they'll use when a right-leaning cop pulls them over for speeding. In other news, Luke MacFarlane is returning for a string of episodes, to keep Kevin company until Viva Laughlin's inevitable cancellation frees up Eric Winter.