Question: So, Michael, which Brothers & Sisters actress has been transferred to your other list after she completely blew you off at the Emmys?

Answer: It saddens me to report that it's none other than Rachel Griffiths. Although I'm hesitant to judge someone based on his/her behavior on a red carpet  what with all those flashing bulbs and screaming fans I'd be lying if I said my ego wasn't bruised feelings weren't hurt when Griffiths heard me call her name, locked eyes with me and still proceeded to walk right by me. You'd think my decision to include her in our Dream Emmy Ballot would've warranted a little sound bite. Heck, I would've been happy with "it's an honor to be nominated." But I got bupkes. Compare that to the ridiculously warm reception I got from her costar, the ethereal Emily VanCamp, at TV Guide's after-party (click here to watch the video). Now that's a girl who knows how to kiss the hand that feeds her.