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The competition is heating up on CBS' Rock Star: Supernova (Tuesdays at 9/Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET), and it's in large part due to the Dionysian dames vying for dibs on joining the new group founded by Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke. Might a gal actually grab the Season 2 prize? Catching up with cohost Brooke Burke at a mock protest rally on behalf of NoScruf.org (a Gillette promotional event), TVGuide.com asked the brunette beauty about the lady Rockers' chances, her own Wild partying days and what it's like to be dressed by a paintbrush.

TVGuide.com: As you can see, I purposely shaved this morning in preparation for interviewing you.
Brooke Burke:
I'm glad, or I wouldn't talk to you! [Laughs] Thank you!

TVGuide.com: Let's start off with your telling me the pros and cons of male scruffiness.
It's definitely sexy, and women love how it looks, but quite honestly when the lights are out it doesn't feel good. Personally, I've experienced the whole skin rash thing. And there's a double standard  I shave every day because women are supposed to be clean and sexy, and yet men can walk around scruffy. That's why women are protesting.

TVGuide.com: But surely there must be one guy you think looks especially good in scruff?
Well, my man, [Baywatch's] David Charvet, is the sexiest man in the world to me, and he's a little scruffy. But he shaves for me, so it's all good.

TVGuide.com: OK, let's get into Rock Star. Last season it didn't seem like the females had much of a chance to join INXS. From where you sit, how's it looking for the ladies this go-round?
I think we have really strong female talent. In fact, one of the favorites right now is one of the women. Whoever wins, it's going to take a huge personality to front for, and compete with, Tommy Lee, but I think a woman has a really good chance. Remember, Supernova is evolving and developing their sound as this whole thing comes together, and they could easily do that with a woman.

TVGuide.com: What direction do you see Supernova's music going in  rock, metal...?
Well, it's not going to be heavy metal, but they do want an intense rock sound. They're looking for a new sound.

TVGuide.com: How have the contestants been handling the raw honesty of the band's members?
It's tough this year. Last year we were dealing with INXS, and they were gentlemen, and they were down to earth and so warm; this year it's raw and uncensored and really tough. I do think, though, that the contestants are really strong. They're not taking any s--- from Supernova. It's good TV!

TVGuide.com: Rob Zombie, Macy Gray and Moby are among the recording artists slated to appear on Rock Star this season. How will they contribute?
They're actually going to be commenting about each performance. It's great that we have guest judges, to get a different perspective in there.

TVGuide.com: Have any of the male contestants  or any of the females, for that matter  been getting "too cozy" with you backstage?
Not yet. But I don't put anything past any of them this year!

TVGuide.com: Tommy Lee, of course, is known for his outrageous behavior. Is it a big party when the cameras stop taping?
It is a big party from the time he arrives to the time he leaves. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Early on we saw Matt get dismissed because he picked a Duran Duran song that didn't rock. What other advice do you have for the contestants?
Song choice is really important, but you also have to be unique and true to who you are. You have to remember who you're auditioning for and give Supernova what they want, but on the flip side Supernova is still trying to figure out what they want.

TVGuide.com: Why do you think E!'s Wild On struggled after you left? And did you take that as a sort of compliment?
Although I wanted it to be successful, I do take it as a compliment. They made a great choice with Cindy Taylor [Burke's successor as host], but I think change is tough. I also think we had already gone everywhere, and when you start revisiting and trying to redo what we did... it's a little hard.

TVGuide.com: You were the perfect middle ground between Cindy Taylor and her replacement from the other extreme end of the partying spectrum, Tara Reid.
I was inexperienced when I started, and I made it up as I went along. I had a great time and hopefully that showed.

TVGuide.com: Has there been talk of reviving Wild On with you back as host?
They've tried in the last few years but they can't quite get it together. I would love to go around the world and do "The Best Of ," but I have a family now [two daughters, ages 4 and 6], so the travel aspect would be a little tough.

TVGuide.com: In your qualified opinion, are the lad mags running out of ways to pose you almost-but-not-actually naked?
I hope so! [Laughs] I really hope so!

TVGuide.com: So do you not go out clubbing wearing only gold paint?
No, never. That [particular magazine pictorial] was very spontaneous, but it led to what seems to be the best-selling poster that I ever did!

Additional reporting by David Steed, who writes the Rock Star: Supernova Watercooler blog for TVGuide.com

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