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6 New Broadcast Shows Still Worth Watching

Start the new year by uncluttering your watchlist

Tim Surette

The 2018-2019 broadcast TV season seems like it began eons ago, but the dust from the scramble and panic to win over your eyes has finally settled. Decisions have been made and several shows have already been picked up for full seasons, but does that mean they're all worth watching? Absolutely not!

Now that we're halfway through most of these survivors' first-season runs, we thought we'd pass along our picks for which of them are still holding up and could be around for a while. So whether you're trying to whittle down your watchlist or thinking about which shows to start, use this advice wisely.

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A Million Little Things

Romany Malco, James Roday, David Giuntoli; A Million Little Things

Romany Malco, James Roday, David Giuntoli; A Million Little Things

ABC/Eike Schroter

A Million Little Things was labeled as ABC's attempt at This Is Us, and if we're being honest, it is. But in a season where This Is Us is constantly frustrating me, A Million Little Things has brought me plenty of joy. The people on this show are flawed, some of them deeply so (hello, Eddie), but that ultimately makes them more relatable, and I'm invested in seeing how they make it out of the emotional messes they create. Sue me, but I need to see Gary and Maggie together or I will rage. Plus, if you've watched even one episode of this show, can you live before finding out what's going on with Ashley and finding out why Jon killed himself? -- Megan Vick

Legacies (The CW)

Danielle Rose Russell, Legacies

Danielle Rose Russell, Legacies

Bob Mahoney, Bob Mahoney/The CW

Legacies was riding some pretty impressive coattails when it debuted; its premise capitalized on heritage from both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, two of The CW's most passionately followed series. Though Easter eggs and cameos from its parent series have been abundant in its first season, the real magic of Legacies (pun totally intended) is its monster-of-the-week format, which has set it apart from the other two shows, establishing Legacies as a fun series that is more likely to make you laugh than swoon, which is a great change of pace for this franchise. -- Lindsay MacDonald

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Single Parents (ABC)

Leighton Meester and Brad Garrett, Single Parents

Leighton Meester and Brad Garrett, Single Parents

Mitch Haaseth, ABC

Liz Meriwether has moved on from New Girl with another show that should stick around for a while. Single Parents had the best pilot of all the new comedies, and it's continued to stand out as the new show to follow for however many seasons it ends up running. It's not quite the hangout comedy New Girl was, and it's not quite the family comedy that ABC is known for; it's stuck in the middle, which makes for the perfect transition for Meriwether and New Girl fans who grew up with Jess and her pals as they take the next step in life. But the secret to its success is pretty simple: It has great characters, excellent performances, positive vibes and -- duh -- it's funny. Other new comedies have struggled to find their stride this season, but Single Parents has had it all along. -- Tim Surette

All American (The CW)

Daniel Ezra, All American​

Daniel Ezra, All American

Jesse Giddings, Jesse Giddings/The CW

All American is The CW's best shot at keeping some prestige programming on its schedule after Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend depart later this year. Despite its low ratings, All American should be mandatory viewing because it's making some important points about race and class in America, all in the foil of entertaining high school drama. I'm a person that grew up on Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill, so I am all in when it comes to couples breaking up and hooking up with new people in hot tubs just an episode later. It's just good fun, and it also has a mystery that I still need the answer to before I can quit watching. Who are you, Taye Diggs?! -- Megan Vick

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God Friended Me (CBS)

​Violett Beane, Brandon Micheal Hall and Suraj Sharma; God Friended Me

Violett Beane, Brandon Micheal Hall and Suraj Sharma; God Friended Me

Barbara Nitke/WB

While everyone doubted the premise of God Friended Me would hold up -- saving people based on Facebook messages from God is a huge stretch week-to-week, after all -- the show is building a lasting attraction with the chemistry of its self-proclaimed God Squad. Led by the incredibly charming Brandon Micheal Hall, this team of do-gooders keeps the fantastical show grounded in humanity rather than theology. It doesn't really matter to the show -- and subsequently viewers -- whether God is real and actually behind the Facebook messages. In fact, God Friended Me's showrunner has gone so far as to confirm that the issue is not a mystery to be solved, simply a plot device to push the real message of the show forward: having faith in other people. The community the characters are building within and outside of the show is as unshakable as the strength of their friendship. If something so wholesome and stable doesn't appeal to you in the sh--storm of headlines that hit you everyday in real life, then we really can't help you. -- Krutika Mallikarjuna

Manifest (NBC)



Peter Kramer/NBC

If you'd asked which show would be the breakout hit of the fall, very few people would have answered Manifest. NBC's thriller is the biggest new show of the season and may feel a little bit like a Lost knock-off, but it has enough juicy mysteries (mixed with some incredibly interesting characters) to shake off the comparison and keep its audience hooked. As other freshman series steadily begin to hemorrhage viewers who've lost interest, Manifest has retained an impressively devoted following. If you aren't watching this show, get bingeing immediately. You won't regret it. -- Lindsay MacDonald