Britney Spears by Michael Caulfield/ Britney Spears by Michael Caulfield/

Britney Spears, who last week blew off a custody-hearing appearance, on Thursday opted for a different strategy and showed up. The popstress was sworn in to testify in her bid to be granted increased visitation with her and ex-husband Kevin Federline's two sons. Details of Spears' testimony are unknown, but a court rep tells People her tone was "soft and respectful."

Though she left the courthouse "visibly upset" (says TMZ), Spears had been granted one overnight visit with her kids per week, which her lawyer sees as a positive first step. As he told People afterward, "I have every expectation that she will comply with all the orders made by the court [and] will eventually regain 50-50 custody." K-Fed then exclaimed, "50-50?! His music rocks, dawg!"

Meanwhile, the owner of the dance studio where Brit learns her steps (or at least pretends to) tells Us that she is currently auditioning backup hoofers for a possible comeback tour.

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