Britney Spears' <I>Circus</i> Britney Spears' Circus

Just on the heels on Britney Spears' skin-baring "Womanizer" video, Team Britney (literally) has revealed cover art for her forthcoming album, Circus. They also tipped fans off that Britney's next single will be the title track, and revealed the full list for the die-hards among us.

With only one song released so far (and yes, it's on steady rotation during a "certain" editor's daily jogs), the new song names are empty to us without considering what messages Britney might have in mind for her new opus. Thus, we made some suggestions as to just what we can expect from the LP.

1. "Womanizer": You know this one already...inside and out.

2. "Circus": Let's face it, the past couple of years haven't been easy ones for Britney. The media wouldn't leave her alone, and she's not going to let us forget it that fast. This is her commentary about life under their big top.

3. "Out From Under": She's on the mend, and becoming more independent every day (conservatorship notwithstanding).

4. "Kill The Lights": Even a pop star needs alone time. Especially with her special someone.

5. "Shattered Glass": A toss-up: Brit could be referring what she feels her life became in troubled times, or to what she would've liked to do to paparazzi windshields.

6. "If U Seek Amy": Amy's a drug? A friend? A friend an ex has cheated with? Her therapist? Another toss-up.

7. "Unusual You": There's a new man in Brit's life, but he was someone she already knew and she's suddenly seeing him in a new light.

8. "Blur": This is what it feels like to be Britney Spears, making a comeback.

9. "Mmm Papi": An ode to the tropical life (and perhaps its masculine fruits) in the same vein as Madonna's classic, "La Isla Bonita." Possibly, though, she's a Red Sox fan.

10. "Mannequin": How do people see Britney from the outside? You got it.

11. "Lace and Leather": Team Britney predicts this will be "the hottest song on Circus." We predict a dance remix, pronto.

12." My Baby": This one's for her sons. (Think Travis' "Flowers in the Window.")

13. "Radar": Club track. Holla!


Got some different ideas about the comeback kid's album? You can sound off below, until the Dec. 2 release date.