Britney Spears by Michael Caulfield/ Britney Spears by Michael Caulfield/

Britney Spears by many accounts emerged tremendously upset on Friday from the latest hearing in her custody case against ex-husband Kevin Federline. According to TMZ, for one, the report from the parenting coach who has been working with and counseling Spears may have been disclosed at the hearing, and thus was the cause of Britney's emotional reaction.

What sort of emotional reaction, you ask? When a reporter for TV's Extra asked Spears how she was doing, Britney snapped back, "Eat it, lick it, snort it, f--k it!" and then walked back into the courtroom crying. (Perhaps she misheard the question as, "What are your plans for later?") Perhaps as further indication of her discombobulation, Spears reportedly changed hairstyles - and sunglasses - during breaks.

Federline, on the other hand, came out of the courtroom looking happy, though no ruling had been made yet. Federline's attorney told the press that a written ruling may be handed down sometime Monday or Tuesday.