Britney Spears by Kvein Mazur/ Britney Spears by Kvein Mazur/

L.A. County Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon on Monday issued an order giving Kevin Federline "physical custody of the minor children," sons Jayden James and Sean Preston, effective noon Wednesday and "until further order of the court." Spears and Federline had shared custody of the munchkins since the time of their separation. Now, one photo-shoot meltdown, a VMAs implosion and several mini- scandals later, Federline has comparatively smelled like a rose. (Well played, Garkle.)

By Tuesday morning, reports were circulating that K-Fed may have already had the kids handed off to him, not long after Mom breezed 'em through a Carl's Jr. drive-through for lunch. Sources also tell the New York Daily News that in addition to Spears driving around sans a valid Cali driver's license and a bodyguard's recent account of her alleged cocaine abuse, the final straw for the judge rendering this decision may have been the popstress' noncompliance in submitting to weekly drug tests and not partaking in drug and parental counseling.

UPDATE: Spears' lawyer confirms for People that she indeed temporarily lost custody of her sons because 1) she was accused of not taking a random drug and alcohol test and 2) she couldn't provide a California driver's license.