Britney Spears, Good Morning America Britney Spears, Good Morning America

The pop princess celebrated her 27th birthday on Tuesday with an early morning performance on GMA featuring songs off her new album, Circus. Britney's first number, "Circus," started off with a bang (and Brit in some hot hot-pants), but the crowd really went wild for her second performance of her hit single "Womanizer." Was there any live singing? Not so much. Did she dance? Mostly with her hands (um, where's the thrusting and gyrating Brit we love!). But after Britney revealed she will be kicking off a world tour starting in her home state of Louisiana on March 3 (her first arena tour in five years), you have to give the girl credit for a hell of a comeback. Get a look at the superstar in action during her breakfast-TV performance:  

What are your thoughts on Britney's performance?