Britney Spears by Kevin Mazur/ Britney Spears by Kevin Mazur/

Britney Spears' lawyer on Wednesday filed a motion seeking expanded visitation with her kids, a move that was promptly critiqued by Team Federline as premature, seeing as the original custody shift is barely a week old. "I don't see any emergency or any new facts [in the case]," K-Fed's lawyer tells the AP. "We are going to oppose this."

Meanwhile, some better-ish news for Spears: As unauthorized (and in some cases incomplete) samplings of her new stylings surface on the Internet, the producers of Brit's new album, Blackout, have fast-tracked it for an Oct. 30 release. Explaining the decision to not street the disc on my sons' birthday (Nov. 13), a Jive rep says, "[T]he label is doing everything possible to prevent and avoid any further illegal distribution of songs."

Think it's relevant that K-Fed has a Kazaa account and a lot of free time on his hands?

Updated: Britney Makes "Respectful" Court Appearance, Is Granted Overnight Visits

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