Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, is locked in a heated custody battle with ex-fiancé Levi Johnston after filing for sole custody of their 1-year-old son, Tripp, the Associated Press reports.

Despite a request by Bristol Palin's legal team to keep the court proceedings closed, a Superior Court judge ruled last week to make it open, which Johnston had requested.

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"I do not feel protected against Sarah Palin in a closed proceeding," Johnston said in an affidavit, the AP reports. "I hope that if it is open she will stay out of it. Bristol's attorney is her attorney."Palin, who filed the petition in November, is also seeking child support and a visitation schedule for Johnston, whom the 19-year-old says has exercised "sporadic visitation rights." 

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Palin also called her ex's recent nude

Playgirl photo shoot "risqué," expressed concern about his possible substance abuse after seeing a tweet about him seeking "weed" and requested that Johnston's mother, Sherry, not be allowed unsupervised visits with Tripp following her drug arrest earlier this year.

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Johnston, who says he doesn't have a Twitter account, is seeking joint custody and denies Palin's claims that he has eschewed his parental responsibilities. Palin and Johnston broke off their engagement shortly after Tripp was born in December 2008.