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Nobody deserves attention more than a bride on her wedding day.

So when one bride, who dreamed of having Christina Aguilera sing on her big day, couldn't retain her services, she did the next best thing. She sang Aguilera's ballad "The Right Man" herself as she walked down the aisle! What could be more tasteful?

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In this video obtained by CNN, the as-yet-unnamed bride holds a microphone instead of a bouquet and performs the entire song as she very slowly walks down the aisle and toward her horrified lucky groom-to-be. He alternates between a serious face and the "church giggles" as she takes his hand while still singing the song.

Vocally, she does an OK job for the most part, but her voice cracks on the higher notes, making it unlikely that she'd get Aguilera — or any of The Voice coaches — to turn their chairs. Let's hope "The Right Man" is luckier for Singing Bride. (Aguilera divorced her "right man," Jordan Bratman, in 2010 after five years together.)

Watch the performance:

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