Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus

Bret Michaels' new track featuring Miley Cyrus has created quite a firestorm, but the Rock of Love star says there's "nothing I have to be defensive about."

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When the country-rock ballad "Nothin' to Lose" was released online last week, Michaels said he received a lot of feedback about having the 17-year-old Cyrus sing harmonies to his suggestive lyrics."

I was like ... Everyone's going nuts!" Michaels told Us Weekly.The song, which is about a romance gone bad and features lyrics about slowly getting undressed, was written a couple years ago, Michaels said. Cyrus was added to the track when he played the song for her during a recording session for Cyrus' cover of Michaels' "Every Rose Has Its Thorn.""[Miley was] like, 'This is an incredible song, it's beautiful. Maybe I could [add] some stuff to it, some harmonies,'" Michaels said. "She was excited that she didn't have to follow any rules."

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Michaels said he never considered the content of the song, which is set to be released on Michaels' upcoming album, Custom Built. But he also noted that the suggestive lyrics aren't about Cyrus. "It has no reference to her and I. It's not even a duet," he said.Michaels, the father of two young girls, said he is a fan of Cyrus' — and thinks the debate has gotten out of hand."It's blown out of proportion," he said. "As God is my witness, there is nothing I have to be defensive about. I'm a good dad. I just thought it was a beautiful song."Listen to the song here. What do you think of the lyrics?