Richard Dean Anderson, <EM>Stargate SG-1</EM> Richard Dean Anderson, Stargate SG-1

While Stargate SG-1 fans are already gathering signatures to petition Sci Fi Channel to pull a 7th Heaven move and un-cancel the veteran series, it probably ain't going to happen, folks. However, there are some signs of life in the show and it's not just the MMO (massive multiplayer online) game that is due out in the fourth quarter of 2007 and that MGM, which owns the Stargate franchise, is sinking $40-50 million into. While executive producer Brad Wright tells TV Guide his "dream is to take SG-1 back to the feature it began as," we are now hearing that MGM may produce a series of TV-movies based on the mother-ship series.

"From MGM's perspective, we don't view SG-1 as a television series, we view it as a franchise, and one with a lot of vibrant life," says studio spokesman Jeff Pryor. "The fan base is fiercely loyal."

And like that other space-opera franchise with the word "star," there's talk of those movies launching another Stargate spin-off series. "There's absolutely no reason in the world there couldn't be and won't be another series that takes part in the Stargate universe," confirms Wright, who admits he's "disappointed" that Sci Fi didn't wait to see if the return of beloved original cast member Richard Dean Anderson lifted ratings before the network lowered the boom.

Pondering the idea of at least one movie, Wright says that the show's finale the last 10 episodes should begin unspooling around March  "should be a very satisfying end to the season, but not necessarily an end to SG-1 by any means."

According to Sc Fi Channel original programming exec Mark Stern, one of the reasons the cabler canceled the venerable series was to make room for new shows, including The Dresden Files (think Jim Rockford as a wizard), which is currently being retooled and readied for a January premiere, and a complete revamping of Painkiller Jane, which ran as a Sci Fi movie last year. Based on the comic, Stern says they're planning to recast (Two and a Half Men's Emmanuelle Vaugier starred in the film) and are "reconceiving it," making it "pure escapist fun." That's also slated for January.

"Frankly, when we put [Stargate] Atlantis on the air," says Stern, "the intent was that SG-1 would go off the air, but they did such a great job of reinvigorating [it], we thought, why take it off the air? Now is the time to do it." But although they canceled the show, Stern says the network is open to discussing Stargate-based movies. "We love this franchise," he tells us. "If there are other ways to explore this world, we're certainly open to it. This is not the end of our journey with Stargate by any means."

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