While we're waiting for Fox president Peter Liguori to take his seat on stage, I gotta ask: Who the frak forgot to defrost the egg whites in preparation for this morning's Hell's Kitchen-themed breakfast? I was really looking forward to a nice egg-white omelette this am, and instead I got something that looked like watered-down brain. (That's what happens when you try to cook half-frozen egg whites. Not pretty.) Gordon Ramsay's gonna catch hell for this. I am not happy.

" First Q about the botched O.J. special. Liguori, as expected, lawyers up. Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?

" First Q about Paula Abdul's loopy behavior. "America loves her, she's successful on the show, we're pleased with what Paula does for us on American Idol."

" "One thing about Paula is that she does a great job managing her schedule." Huh?

" Thought it was "respectful" to fans to announce that The O.C. was ending ahead of time.

" "We're very excited about [Tim Minear's] Drive. We have every faith that this is going to be a top show for us." (FYI: Drive launches with a two-night, three-hour premiere on Sunday Apr. 15 and Monday Apr. 16.)

" Fox has a game show in development titled Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?. No joke.

" Regarding Idol's mean streak this season: "I think [viewers] know what to expect."

" He says producers of Prison Break have "a very exciting third season planned." Liguori stopped short of saying there will be a third season, though.

" He feels 'Til Death is "creatively... finding its footing" and, therefore, worthy of the post- Idol slot beginning Wednesday, Feb. 27. Notice how he didn't say audiences are responding to it? (Oh, Gail Berman, how I miss thee.)

" OK, session over. Got any follow-ups you want me to ask the boss man? Send 'em my way ASAP. I think I got (almost) all of your CW Q's answered last night at the net's party. Check out Wednesday's AA for all the scoop!