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Why You Should Binge Imposters Ahead of Season 2

It's on Netflix, so there are no excuses

Sadie Gennis

Last year, Bravo released its third scripted series, Imposters. And though the con artist dramedy didn't become an overnight sensation like Real Housewives (or even Below Deck), Imposters developed a small, but impassioned cult following for good reason.

Inbar Lavi stars as Maddie Johnson, a career con artist who marries her marks before making off with all their cash (and just enough dirt to blackmail them into staying silent). But when her three most recent marks, Ezra (Rob Heaps), Richard (Parker Young) and Jules (Marianne Rendón), team up to take her down and learn how to con people themselves along the way, Maddie's carefully constructed world begins to collapse.

Further complicating things: her latest assignment, a banker with anger issues and a big secret (played with a quiet rage by Battlestar Galactica's Aaron Douglas), who is less than thrilled when he notices Maddie developing a connection with a handsome stranger, Patrick (Stephen Bishop). Maddie's merciless and mysterious boss, The Doctor (Ray Proscia), doesn't take too kindly to this distraction either, setting in motion a chain of events which will destroy lives, end others and change all of theirs forever.

The Delightful Imposters Proves You Should Take Bravo More Seriously

With the Season 2 premiere right around the corner (Thursday, April 5 at 10/9c) and the first season available to binge now on Netflix, there's never been a better time or an easier way to catch-up. If you still need convincing as to why, let us count the ways.

1. It's one-part cat-and-mouse thriller. This isn't your typical Bravo show. Imposters can get seriously dark (and yes, it's darker than the most recent season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, which says a lot). If Maddie thought her last three marks banding against her was bad enough, wait until she finds out just how complicated her new job is. It doesn't take long before her latest assignment spirals out of control, forcing Maddie to make some impossible choices about what she wants in her life, what she's willing to risk... and who she's willing to betray.

2. It's also one-part buddy comedy. There are a lot of great relationships within Imposters, and while we love the dynamic of Ezra, Richard and Jules as a group, our favorite moments are often when they wind up being paired up. When Ezra and Richard first hit the road together, their journey takes on such a wacky buddy comedy vibe, complete with slapstick humor and delightfully dumb jokes, that makes their scenes the perfect respite from the life-or-death stakes of Maddie's world. And once Jules joins the crew, the show delivers an even more lovable oddball pairing in her and Richard, two people who represent polar opposite archetypes, but build a beautiful support system for each other. Watching these relationships grow and evolve is one of the highlights of the series, and something the show continues to excel at in Season 2.

Uma Thurman, Imposters

Uma Thurman, Imposters

Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

3. Uma. F---ing. Thurman. Although the stars of Imposters are mainly relative unknowns, the series didn't skimp on the star power when it came to casting the Doctor's deadly fixer. Uma Thurman plays Lenny Cohen, a ruthless killer who's out to solve the Doctor's problems, no matter what it takes. Although Lenny is only a recurring guest star, we can't over-hype Thurman's impact on the series -- not only because of the conviction behind her pseudo-campy performance, but also because every time Lenny hits the screen, you know things are about to go completely to sh-- for our heroes. Yet despite how much trouble she makes for our favorites, Thurman plays Lenny with such style and humor that we kind of want to be her. Just without all the murder, heartlessness and all that.

The Stars of Imposters Reveal What to Expect of Bravo's Dark New Comedy

4. The insane amount of twists. What's so fun about Imposters is that you go into the series thinking you're smarter than it -- that you know where it's going, who these characters are and the type of show this is. However, it's not long before the series completely destabilizes these notions and you realize that you'll never be able to predict what happens because this show is so utterly and completely off-the-rails crazy. It's one twist after another, meaning you'll always be on the edge of your seat guessing what will come next.

5. The fun disguises. If you loved the transformations on The Americans but thought to yourself, "not enough balls jokes for my taste," then this show is definitely for you. Maddie's ability to become other people -- with the aid of wigs, makeup, clothes and accents -- is such a pleasure to watch and truly astounding to witness. At one point, Maddie's disguise is even so convincing that her former brother-in-law doesn't recognize her when he propositions her for a one-night stand. And you know what? We don't blame him. She's that good!

Rob Heaps, Parker Young and Marianne Rendon, Imposters

Rob Heaps, Parker Young and Marianne Rendon, Imposters

Ed Araquel/Bravo

6. Parker Young is a snack. Look, everyone in this cast is incredibly attractive and charismatic. (Rob Heaps is also British in real life which probably amplifies his hotness three-fold in many people's eyes.) But if you ever watched the dearly departed Suburgatoryor Enlisted, you've likely been low-key in love with Parker Young for years. The actor is great at playing the lovable bro who more than makes up for what he's lacking in wits with an infectious confidence and a huggable vulnerability, which is exactly why the role of Richard is so perfect for him.

Although Ezra is arguably the male lead within the ensemble, Richard is the heart and soul of the series. He's often used to lighten the mood with his comedic buffoonery, but Young's talents are best served when the show explores Richie's insecurities. All of this is to say that the more Richie makes us laugh (and cry), the more and more in love we fall in love with Young. It's a superficial reason to watch a show, sure, but when has that stopped anyone before?

7. It's a quick binge. The first season is 10, hour-long episodes, but trust us, these will go by in a snap. This isn't The Handmaid's Tale where you need to take a breather after every episode to process the horror you just witnessed. Imposters can get intense, but this show is wonderfully digestible. Everything about it is quick-moving and exciting, so you'll never think twice before letting the next episode auto-play. Then before you know it, your entire day will be gone and you'll be left counting down until Season 2, just like us.

Imposters returns Thursday, April 5 at 10/9c on Bravo. The first season is available to stream now on Netflix.