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The Stars of Imposters Reveal What to Expect of Bravo's Dark New Comedy

What happens when the victims become the con artists

Sadie Gennis

Bravo's latest scripted series, Imposters, follows a high-level con artist Maddie (Inbar Lavi) who marries her victims before making off with all their cash. But when three of her former marks decide to team up and track her down, they soon discover their own love for the con as they're forced to steal whatever they can to pay for their revenge road trip.

"They start pulling off these cons and I think he starts enjoying it more than he thought he would," says star Rob Heaps, who plays Maddie's most recent victim, Ezra, a previously naive, goody-goody type. "It gets a bit darker for him. He definitely stars flirting - as they all do - with the darker side of the law, the darker side of morality. And he develops a bit of an edge, which also has to do with not wanting to be fooled again."

Bravo's Imposters asks: How well do you know someone, really?

But as Heaps' co-star, Parker Young, points out, the show isn't just about watching Maddie's victims follow her into the moral gray area of conning. It's also about them struggling to define their own identity in the wake of being betrayed by the woman they love.

"We are on this mission to find her and get her money back, but that's really just the surface," says Young, who plays the delightfully daft, but good-hearted Richard. "We're really on this mission to mend our hearts and figure out who we are in the absence of this woman who we thought completed us. So we learn things while on the journey, we learn things from each other, from the other victims. I know my character learns how to be confident on his own and how to live his life without her. And that's a big part of growing up and learning how to be an individual."

For everything you need to know about Imposters, watch the full video above!

Imposters premieres Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10/9c on Bravo.