Benjamin Bratt may be Halle Berry's official scratching post in the upcoming Catwoman feature film, but she wasn't the only cast member he made purr. Turns out Mad TV grad Alex Borstein, who plays Berry's bosom buddy in the movie, also wanted to sink her claws into the former Law & Order hunk!

The funny lady's desire to lap up Talisa Soto's husband began years ago, when she was interviewing celebrities for the Fox skitcom. "I embarrassed him on the red carpet," Borstein confesses to TV Guide Online. "He's one of the few male celebrities that when I saw him coming — I think it was at the VH1 Awards — I genuinely melted a bit, like, 'He is really, really cute!' So I just kind of made a [fool] out of myself and maybe jumped on him or something."

Getting all co-starstruck would have been humiliating enough for the actress, currently at work on a big-screen adaptation of beloved Mad-woman Miss Swan. However, to make matters worse, the object of her obsession had total recall! "He remembered [the incident], so that was embarrassing!" she groans, adding quickly that she refrained from inviting the married man back to her dressing room for a saucer of milk. "He has a little baby who visited the set, and he looks really happy. Everyone [on the Catwoman set] was really nice. Boring, I guess!" We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.