As Tyra Banks prepares to give the Ugg boot to another America's Next Top Model wannabe tonight (8 ET on UPN), risks life and limb to catch up with last week's angry, angry reject, Brandy Rusher. The 20-year-old cosmetology student is a fine girl, no doubt. But her ferocious personality overshadowed her fierce photos, making her someone we'd be more likely to take cover from than see on a magazine cover. And now, having made that too-easy joke, let's ring the prickly poser and accept the verbal bitch-slapping we're sure she has in store for us. So, Miss Brandy, why are you so angry?
Brandy Rusher:
I wouldn't exactly say that I'm angry. I would say on the show I was always on defense, because behind the scenes, like, a lot of the girls just didn't really like me. So I had a reason to be angry.

TVG: Which we've now established that you, um, weren't. But anyway... you had to know going into this that you'd be around a bunch of catty girls all the time.
I don't have a lot of friends that are girls...

TVG: Imagine that.
... so it was a totally, really different experience. It was fun, though.

TVG: Really? Because it didn't seem like much fun when you threatened to beat up Tatiana for sassing you. Honestly, in retrospect, wasn't your borderline violent reaction a little more than was necessary?
Actually, I don't think it was more than was necessary. They barely showed you anything that she said; they just wanted to emphasize [my reaction], so that's what they showed you.

TVG: So what did she say that justified your outburst?
It was a lot of different things she said. I'm not going to exactly repeat it, because that's between me and her.

TVG: Fine by me, so long as you realize that, as things stand, you're just going to come off to people like a hothead with a short fuse.
Yeah, it's OK if they don't understand.

TVG: It must have felt good when Tiffany defended you to the other girls.
It did, because I looked up to her as a big sister. She was the only person on my side, and she was the only person who really took the time to understand me rather than just judging me based on what others said. So, in a sense, she was a leader rather than a follower.

TVG: Do you wish you'd listened to her advice to take a chill pill sooner so you could have lasted longer on the show?
Well, actually, I did take like a lot of advice and actually worked on my attitude and stuff like that even on the show. They really didn't give you the opportunity as viewers to view that. The day I got eliminated, I really wasn't expecting it because of the fact that I had gotten better with my attitude.

TVG: At your final photo shoot, you were complaining just like you did at your first one.
Well, [at the first one], it wasn't as if I was saying, "Oh, my god, I don't want to be here" or anything like that. It's just the position they took from it, or whatever.

TVG: Huh?
They made it into whatever they wanted to make it into, so I can't do anything about that now.

TVG: What did they make it into that it wasn't?
Well, it didn't exactly go like [they showed]. There's editing and all that, so when it's done, that's what they show the world. I mean, overall, to stop any of these questions about my attitude, the whole thing I want the world to know is that everything is a lesson. I don't look at it as something where I messed up. Everybody makes mistakes, so I feel like, yeah, mine was in the public eye and it was a nationally syndicated mistake, but at the same time, I learned a lesson from it. So if anything is taken from this interview, I would rather the world just know that I learned from it rather than still thinking that, like, I have attitude or something.

TVG: Brandy, come on. You're not dumb. Editing notwithstanding, you were given the chance of a lifetime, and you bitched to the photographer. What were you thinking?
Well, what was going on in my head was that I was actually just tired of sitting there. I wasn't trying to come at nobody in the wrong way or anything like, "Oh, you know, I don't want to be here; this is making me mad." I was just tired. I actually said I thought that the show was about showing who you are really; I didn't know, you know, that sometimes even when you're not feeling good that you should just lie about it.

TVG: In the equivalent of a job interview? Hell yeah, you lie! Is that the lesson you learned — not to tell the truth?
I don't know if I would say "Don't tell the truth," but I would say whatever you're feeling on the inside, just keep it on the inside instead of letting the world know, because they're not going to care what you're feeling on the inside. It's what you're showing on the outside that they care about.

TVG: Now you sound like a model.