Ever since Brad Pitt was spotted breathing the same airspace as Friends star Jennifer Aniston, rumors swirled that the movie hunk would make a guest appearance on her NBC comedy. Now, more than three years since the couple's courtship began, Pitt is finally delivering on the hype: This Thursday, the Oscar nominee will play an old high school pal of Monica's (Courteney Cox Arquette).

So, naturally, when Pitt showed up at a weekend press conference to promote his role in Steven Soderbergh's upcoming remake of the Rat-Pack classic Ocean's 11, TV Guide Online asked what took so long for him to join his wife in front of the camera. While the actor was very gracious — even joking that it was "self-promotion for Spy Game" that led him to at last drop by Central Perk — his Ocean's 11 co-star Julia Roberts (who was seated next to him at the media gathering) took offense to the line of questioning. "Just be glad he did it," America's sweetheart scowled defensively. "Don't say, 'What took you so long?'!"

To that, we have three things to say to the erstwhile Pretty Woman: 1) We weren't talking to you; 2) the question was not meant as a criticism; and 3) simmer down now! Anyway, once Roberts cooled off, Pitt happily discussed his much-talked-about Friends appearance. First off, although his character was — like Monica — once overweight, he won't be donning a fat suit for a flashback scene, despite reports to the contrary. "That's just the history of the character, I guess," he says. "There's none of that."

Incidentally, Pitt also revealed that his connection to Aniston wasn't the only motivating factor behind the sweeps stunt. "I do love the show very much — long before I met my wife, even," he admits. "It makes me happy. So I had a great time doing it with these guys.

"And in these times," he added, "I'm believing entertainment to be very important, so I just want to get out and do something."