The Mexican star Brad Pitt is confident he's found the perfect mate in his new bride,

Jennifer Aniston. "What surprised me was this kind of sense of pride I have in our relationship," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "I look at my wife and realize that we're embarking on this thing together. We are a team, no matter what happens. It's very, very exciting and I'm very content."

Summing up their marital bliss in his own wacky way, Pitt adds: "Every relationship you've been into, until the one you're in right now, technically is a failure because they've all ended in a split up. I'm not so hung up on happily ever after but, in the meantime, I'm doing naked cartwheels."

Speaking of getting naked, Pitt says he won't be in The Mexican, which co-stars Julia Roberts as his kidnapped lady love. "After all, I'm a married man now," he deadpans. "But Julia and I had a great time together making this little low-budget run-and-gun movie. She's such a laugh."

Pitt's favorite thing about the offbeat comedy was straying from his usual image to play a bumbling mob gofer who can't seem to do anything right. "Just the idea of playing the anti-Steve McQueen was great," he enthuses. "Being a guy who is not cool whatsoever. But the challenge was... how far can you go? Where's the line? What I learned is that I can survive. I can survive comedy."

While there's plenty of yuks in The Mexican, there's also a generous body count. But big-screen mayhem doesn't bother Pitt, who's reveled in blood and bruises in films like Fight Club. "I enjoy the violent scenes for some reason," he admits. "I'm not saying it affects me in any way, but I feel like it's a part of my world. I don't have kids right now, and when I do, maybe I'll feel differently. [But] we live in a violent world and the only problem I have with showing it is when there's no context to it."