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Brad Garrett Explains Why There Probably Won't Be an Everybody Loves Raymond Reboot

Don't get your hopes up

Keisha Hatchett

With Roseanne, Will & Grace and more getting the revival treatment, many have wondered which show would be next in line for a comeback. While the jury's still out on the Queen Latifah-fronted sitcom Living Single -- oh, that's just me? -- there's one popular show that probably won't be brought back: Everybody Loves Raymond.

The CBS sitcom starred Ray Romano as a successful sports writer dealing with his mom Marie (Doris Roberts), who loves to meddle in his love life; father Frank (Peter Boyle), who constantly raids his fridge, and older bother Robert (Brad Garrett), who sometimes resents his success. It also starred Patricia Heaton as Ray's practical wife Debra. The series ran for nine seasons and won 15 Emmys before coming to an end in 2005.

According to Garrett, bringing the show back wouldn't be possible without Boyle, who died in 2006, and Roberts, who passed away in 2016. "The bottom line is, so much of that show were the parents. There's just no way that anyone -- the writers or Ray or anyone or myself -- could really see doing the show without them," he tells TV Guide.

Though he admits to wondering where Ray and Robert would have ended up today, Garrett says the show already wrapped up their stories and they don't need to be revisited.

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"The great thing about Ray is he wrapped up the show when they really felt they were out of episodes. And he did it in the prime and I don't think he'd want to start that up again, nor really should he. He went out on top and it's a great thing to be able to say," he added. "But I am looking forward to the other reboots, especially the Roseanne one. But I do not see Ray doing that at all and I understand why."

So, yeah, maybe don't get your hopes up for a revival.

Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond

Spike Nannarello, CBS Photo Archive (via Getty)