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The Boy Meets World Cast Reunited at NYCC and Teased a New Project

Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle celebrated the sitcom's 25th anniversary

Keisha Hatchett

Can you believe it's been 25 years since Boy Meets World debuted on ABC? In honor of the huge milestone, stars Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle hit up New York Comic Con on Friday to talk about the seminal coming-of-age series that we all still love so much. But in doing so they also revealed something else exciting: Friedle and Fishel are shopping around a new on-camera project!

Unfortunately, they didn't provide any additional details about the project, but we're already excited about it! Almost as excited as we were to be in the audience for the nostalgic panel, during which the three cast members reminisced about the show's most memorable moments and favorite episodes, including one in Season 7 that Fishel admitted holds a special place in her heart.

"I've always loved the 'She's Having My Baby Back Ribs' episode. That always meant a lot to me because I was never the stick figure. That never bothered me. I was always just happy with being myself," she said. "That one in particular, especially in junior high and middle school, you need that message of it's OK to look like what you look like."

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Finding it impossible to pick a favorite, Savage said he's proud of the show because of how relatable it was. "I think we tapped into more universal issues... love, relationships... I think we went into issues that a lot of people could relate to," he said.

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World

Craig Sjodin, ABC via Getty Images

Friedle also weighed in on the show's legacy, revealing that toward the later seasons, he saw Boy Meets World as two different shows: one with Shawn (Rider Strong), Cory and Topanga show and the other with Eric doing something ridiculously zany. Eric's rapid decline in intelligence is something that has baffled BMW fans, and Friedle says it's a topic he wished the show explored more explicitly. "I would have loved to have done an episode about that, showing the actual brain trauma," he said.

The conversation eventually came around to Boy Meets World's younger-skewing spin-off Girl Meets World, which followed Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley and her best friend Maya. Although the show enlisted a number of Boy Meets World alums along the way, including Strong, whose character Shawn eventually became Maya's stepdad, longtime BMW fans were disappointed that the show focused on the Matthews' offspring instead of the OG characters. However, Fishel says the show was always intended to focus on the newer characters rather than Cory and Topanga.

"We knew going into it that with it being on Disney Chanel--and they were wonderful to work for--we knew full well that the show was going to focus on the girls," she said. "I didn't go into it thinking this was a way for people to see what's going on in Cory and Topanga's marriage. I knew we weren't going to see Topanga as a lawyer. Six-year-olds don't care about how a law firm works. I was happy with how it turned out."

Added Savage, "There was a generational tug-of-war between Boy Meets World fans and Girl Meets World fans. But we wanted to take the issues that we covered in Boy Meets World and present it to a new generation... People wanted more Cory and Topanga and who knows, it could still happen."

Boy Meets World is available to stream on Hulu.