After having brain surgery in the Season 4 finale, Booth's personality has changed drastically, as we'll see vividly in the show's season premiere (Thursday, 8/7c, Fox).

How will that affect Bones and Booth's relationship? Series stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz both sat down with to discuss Booth's recovery. Will love blossom as he convalesces? Boreanaz has a different question: "What if they never do get together?"

Find out what else is in store this season...

BONES' David Boreanaz talks about Booth's recovery

Bones' David Boreanaz talks about Booth's recovery from brain surgery and says 'anything could be on the table' for Brennan and Booth this season.|Bones|David Boreanaz|

BONES' Emily Deschanel talks Brennan's feelings for Booth and plot rumors

Bones' Emily Deschanel talk about how Brennan will deal with Booth's changes, some upcoming plot rumors, what some episodes will revolve around, and if Brennan would still have Booth's baby.|Bones|Emily Deschanel|