Rumors that David Boreanaz is not up for an Angel movie are utterly bloodless. The ex-vamp is willing to take another turn at bat, but not on the tube. "It would have to be a theatrical release," he tells TV Guide Online. "I'm not into the movie-of-the-week [idea]."

Last month at the Television Critics Association press tour, WB execs remained hopeful that Angel would someday be reborn into a series of small-screen flicks. But network chairman Garth Ancier conceded that it would take "a little coaxing" to get Boreanaz interested. "I know they wanted to do, like, six films," Boreanaz says, "It's not that I'm against it; it just needs to be a bigger challenge. When you do something for five seasons, you want to continue to challenge yourself... go to another level with it rather than just doing the same thing you've been doing."

With that in mind, Boreanaz recently shot the title role in the big-screen comedy Mr. Fix It. "It has a very '80s romantic theme to it," he says. "I'm going to be doing some dancing, singing... it's going to be a lot of fun." He's also in talks to co-star in a high-profile franchise flick that he insists is not Superman. "It's better," he teases, adding, "'Four' would be the magic number — that's all I'm going to say." (Our guess? It's the in-the-works fourth Indiana Jones pic.)

In the meantime, "I'm really having fun with leaving the show and doing roles that are, for me, expressing what I love to do," Boreanaz says. "[It's great] not being tied down to a series for nine months out of the year. It really is refreshing to see myself going into another arena."