Things are going to get tense in the Bones Season 11 premiere.

The episode, which features the disappearance of Booth (David Boreanaz) under mysterious circumstances, also introduces guest star Kim Raver's Agent Miller, who helps Aubrey (John Boyd) put together the pieces. But as you can see in the exclusive first look at the premiere below, that partnership gets off to a rough start when she labels Booth a suspect in the case.

"Booth isn't a suspect," Aubrey interjects. "All we know is he disappeared. Let's not make it out to be more than that. ... If you're gonna come in here and make absurd accusations, then we don't need you."

Bones: Is Kim Raver's Agent Miller a friend or for?

But Miller stands her ground. "Not your call," she fires back. "There's a dead man on a table burned to a crisp with Booth's gun on him. Tell me how that doesn't make him a suspect."

Who is right? And just what is Booth mixed up in? Watch the clip below and check out Bones on Thursday at 8/7c on Fox.