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Bones Mega Buzz: Is Kim Raver Friend or Foe?

Her search for Booth will not be without conflict

Adam Bryant

Kim Raver may be joining the new season of Bones to find Booth, but that doesn't mean she'll receive a warm welcome.

Raver plays FBI Agent Miller, who is trying to piece together how and why Booth (David Boreanaz) disappeared. "She is sort of the impartial view," executive producerMichael Peterson tells TVGuide.com. "She doesn't know what Booth has gotten himself into. Has he done something unlawful, or is he the victim? She doesn't know and she doesn't care."

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Even though Brennan (Emily Deschanel) usually appreciates investigation divorced from emotion, she isn't a fan of Agent Miller. "They absolutely clash," Peterson says. "We have two strong, intelligent women and we let them go head-to-head. Our people are strictly loyal to Booth, so that puts [Miller] in opposition. But she's strong enough to take on multiple people."One person she might butt heads with less, however, is Aubrey (John Boyd).
Instead, it sounds like the show is setting up a conflict between Aubrey and Booth! "Aubrey is in a place of new power," Peterson says. "With Booth gone for six months, he's really shown off what an incredible agent he is on his own. He's taken over Booth's office. He's going to have a great little arc with Miller. One of the things she's going to help us understand is that with all the work that Aubrey has done in the past six months...he's ambitious. If Booth is the great soldier you want to have on your team, Aubrey is the aspiring general."
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