Bones - David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel Bones - David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel

Bones fans can rest assured of one thing: This season's finale won't be set in an alternate reality. And the cast is mighty pleased about that.

"It's a great season finale," David Boreanaz tells "It's much better than last season's. I just didn't like last year's finale."

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"I never felt right about last year's until we got to the next season," adds Emily Deschanel. "This is much more of a Bones episode, where that felt on its own."

With Brennan on the verge of quitting due to the overwhelming stress and her inability to open up to those around her, the finale will focus on her relationship with Booth, says Boreanaz. "It's got a really strong dynamic again of the relationships," he says. "The audience will love where they're going, and it'll take a while for [Booth and Bones] to get back."

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Bones might not be the only character saying farewell for a while. "There's a lot of people saying goodbye in this episode," says Michaela Conlin, who hints that Angela will be involved with Paris in some way.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait quite a while to find out whether Booth and Bones will team up again next year. "Usually we don't do the cliff-hanger thing, but this year we do," says Tamara Taylor. "Even I'm wondering how we'll re-enter the next season."

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