Bones Bones

Bones is back. After another down-to-the-wire negotiation, Fox and 20th Century Fox TV are expected to announce a firm one-year renewal for the show later this week.

Star David Boreanaz couldn't resist jumping the gun, however, writing on his Twitter account on Monday night that "Season 7 is GO for Bones."

Coincidentally, it was executive producer Hart Hanson who similarly let the cat out of the bag during the last Bones renegotiation in 2009, when he let news of that renewal slip on his Twitter account. Hanson has been quiet so far about Boreanaz's tweet.

Deal is believed to be just for one additional year — not unusual, given the show's age and Fox's limited shelf space. Like the last Bones negotiation in 2009, the sticking point in the negotiations came down to what a new deal meant for the show's profit participants. The studio and the network, which are both owned by News Corp., wanted to make sure that a deal was in place that could be signed off by everyone (and avoid lawsuits down the road).

Execs at both the studio and network had expressed confidence for weeks that a deal would be done. Meanwhile, Fox and NBC Universal continue to negotiate a renewal — also believed to be for just one year — for House. That negotiation is expected to not be resolved until mid-May, when Fox announces its fall primetime schedule.

Still unresolved: How Hanson plans to accommodate star Emily Deschanel's pregnancy. Among the possibilities: a shorter season, or perhaps a handful of episodes without Brennan. "I'm ready to pitch a bunch of alternatives," Hanson told reporters last month.

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