Tamara Taylor with David Boreanaz Tamara Taylor with David Boreanaz

You could say that Camille's old flame isn't half the man he used to be. Literally. That grim image sets the stage for this week's (non-preempted!) episode of Fox's Bones, airing Thursday at 8 pm/ET. Tamara Taylor, who plays Cam, gave us a peek (through the fingers) at what's to come. Plus: What's the deal with this season's far-out pre-finale episode?

TVGuide.com: Poor Bones can't catch a break with the scheduling, can it?
Taylor: You know, they promised that it's going to be consistent for the next 11 weeks. Hopefully that will stand.

TVGuide.com: There's now talk that because of recent presidential preemptions, some episodes might get held for the fall, and aired out of sequence.
Taylor: Oh, I wonder! You probably know more than I do. I heard they might double them up.... There are a lot of theories. [Sources tell TVGuide.com that Bones will run new episodes on Wednesday as well as Thursday the week of April 13, and on Monday/Thursday the week of April 20.]

TVGuide.com: This Thursday we get a Cam-centric story. Now let's look at the first half of the episode's teaser: "The half-eaten body of Cam's former fiancé...." Listen, I know you've been desperately rallying for a love interest....
Taylor: That's not quite how I expected it to turn out, no.

TVGuide.com: The rest of the teaser: "... is found in the tiger cage at the zoo." Um, ew.
Taylor: It is kind of nasty.

TVGuide.com: Being a former cop, does Cam get to work the case?
Taylor: We get called in after the body is found during a fundraiser at the zoo. When we get the body back to the Jeffersonian, we do our normal prelim examination until Angela comes up and says, "I've ID'd him. And this is his name." Cam is beyond caught off guard, and insists that she be a part of the investigation. It was really interesting how they wrote it because we don't see Cam break very often. This time, throughout the whole episode she tries to hold it together, but it is not easy.

TVGuide.com: How does guest star Chad Lowe fit into it all?
Taylor: Oh my goodness.... David Boreanaz is the one to ask, because he got a good chuckle over it. [Lowe's character] ends up being ... oh goodness ... one of the people questioned. That's all I can say. But we love Chad!

TVGuide.com: What else might we learn about Cam in this episode?
Taylor: We never flushed out what Booth and Cam's [past romantic] relationship was about, so a lot of fans assumed that it was a big relationship for Cam. But what we find out is that this [deceased guy] was actually the love of her life.

TVGuide.com: Tell me about this very "different" episode Bones has planned for before the season finale. We've got Patricia Belcher and Ryan O'Neal returning (as Caroline Julian and Bones' father), Eric Millegan is back as Zack, and we've got... "Stewie" from Family Guy. Um, have you seen the script for this?
Taylor: No one has seen the script yet, they've kept it really quiet. I know that it's... how do I say this without blowing anything... hmmm ... it's a sort of "altered reality" episode.

TVGuide.com: Some fans are worried by the unusual hodgepodge of casting, but you're saying the show probably pulls it off?
Taylor: Not only do I think they're going to pull it off, they're going to pull it off very well.

TVGuide.com: Lastly, what is your take on Bones and Booth getting naked in bed together in the finale? Can it possibly satisfy the long-clamoring fans?
Taylor: Everybody's been waiting for it, and I sense they'll be satisfied.

TVGuide.com: It's good they're doing this, because if they hold off any longer, we get to a point where nothing could possibly placate people.
Taylor: Exactly, so I think the fans will be satisfied.

TVGuide.com: Anything you can tease about other upcoming episodes before we go?
Taylor: We've got a Norwegian Death Metal episode [airing April 16 and guest-starring Stephen Fry], which I think is one of the creepier ones we've had. It's super-creepy. And gross. Really nasty. They're upping the ante with the gore factor!

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