Bones delivered a superfun final season and a very satisfying conclusion to its 12-year run.

We were very happy to see Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and the core Jeffersonian group get their happy "endings," but there's still have a few questions we'd like answered if the team were to ever reunite in the future for more adventures.

1. Does Angela and Hodgins' second baby have LCA?

It was such a relief to find out that Angela (Michaela Conlin) survived the Jeffersonian explosion and the baby she's carrying didn't seem to sustain any injuries. However, before the blast Angela and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) were worried that their baby would contract Leber's Congenital Amaurosis — or LCA — and be born blind since both parents are carriers. We know that Angela and Hodgins were waiting to hear from the doctor about the baby's test results but we never found out what they were.

Emily Deschanel, <em>Bones</em>Emily Deschanel, Bones

2. Will Zack rejoin the team once he gets out of prison?

The team was able to get Zack's (Eric Millegan) life sentence revoked since he did not murder the lobbyist he was accused of slaying seasons ago. However, he still had to finish 13 months left on his sentence because of the cover-up. Zack was relieved to have his sentence commuted, but what is he going to do when he gets out? Will he rejoin the team at the Jeffersonian or does he have other dreams to conquer?

3. Will Cam actually return to the lab after her leave of absence?

Cam (Tamara Taylor) is taking six months off from the lab to spend some time with her new expanded family, but will she actually want to return? There was some indication that Cam might like the family life a lot, and maybe coming back to the demanding job of running the lab is not the life decision she wants to make six months down the line.

4. If Cam came back, would Hodgins give up being "King of the Lab"?

No one could be more excited about taking over for Cam than Hodgins. He even said she'd have to pry that title out of his hands if she ever wanted it back, so what would the dynamic be like after Cam's time away?

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5. What is Angela and Hodgins' children's book about?

We got to see the illustration and some of the characters, but what is the book actually about? More importantly, can we buy it?

6. Are Aubrey and Karen going to be a real item?

Aubrey (John Boyd) and Jessica (Laura Spencer) just broke up, but he's already taking Karen (Sara Rue) to dinner. Is this the start of a meant-to-be relationship? We want to know if these two make it for the long haul!

7. What will the new Jeffersonian look like?

The Jeffersonian was blown to smithereens and must be completely rebuilt. Will it be an exact replica of the old lab or will there be some upgrades? How will it be different? The new Jeffersonian has to feel like a new era for the team and we want to know where they'll be solving their next cases.

What questions do you have after the Bones finale?