Only a few weeks remain until the final episode of Bones airs, but the cast will be walking away from the Fox procedural with more than 12 years of fond memories of making the show together. sat down with the cast to ask them what they're going to miss most about the show and what their fondest memories of filming have been. For Tamara Taylor and Michaela Conlin it was the late night hours, specifically after Michaela began "passive aggressive" singing. The actress gave us a sample of what would go down, with her melodically asking her costars and the crew why they were still there or needed another shot. Talk about a creative way to diffuse the tension.

The Bones cast reflects on the end of the series

For David Boreanaz, his most sentimental memory of Bones goes back to the very first episode and establishing the relationship between Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

Though the cast has different favorite memories they'll take from their experience on the show, they all remain grateful to have been able to spend their time over the past 12 seasons with each other. As Deschanel says, it's not that common to be able to work with people you genuinely like.

Bones currently airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on FOX.