How do you say goodbye to characters you've been inhabiting for 12 years?

David Boreanaz decided to say goodbye to his tenure as Seeley Booth on Bones by directing the show's final episode. Helming the final episode of the show meant nailing one specific thing. "It was really about that [final] moment with Brennan, with Bones, and seeing it continue so it's not an end, but a new chapter for them in their characters lives," he told

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For most of the cast, they were grateful to have had 12 years to live with these characters and to have gotten to do so much in that decade-plus, from finding love to shooting in London and watching their characters grow.

Most importantly, the cast hopes that the final season will not only answers fans' questions but give them a satisfying ending to help them let go of the series as well.

Bones is airing Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.