David Boreanaz, <EM>Bones</EM> David Boreanaz, Bones
Bones (Tuesdays, 8 pm/ET, Fox) star David Boreanaz talks with TV Guide about the kiss fans are dying for, the movie that took him home again and why he spends weekends with Emily Deschanel


TV Guide: Now that you're a coproducer for Bones, where do you want to see the show go?
David Boreanaz:
I think where I'd like to see the show go and where the executives are taking it may be two different things. [Laughs] They're very creative and they're planning to continue the therapist angle — which is a great idea — as a way to help Booth and Brennan deal with their relationship.

TV Guide: Which begs the question that everybody's asking: When are they going to get together?
The bottom line is, they are together. They're not sleeping together, but in a way they are, because they're arguing, they're bickering, they're going back and forth. They have this relationship that puts them in situations where they could be vulnerable to each other. And the therapist sessions are a perfect example of how [real] couples work out their problems.

TV Guide: So there's hope?
I think eventually that's where the show will probably go. But for me, creatively, it's really about having these characters invest their time. They have to earn that payoff, you know? They're not quite there yet. And I think that the audience roots for that and they want to see these two get together.

TV Guide: How do you and Emily keep that tension going?
We work [at it]. We work on the weekends, focusing on character development, improvisational stuff, what's between the lines. We work each script so we can find the banter and those places where it's important to have the ad-libs. It takes a while to find all of that.

TV Guide: Of course, as a good Catholic boy, Booth would hold off until marriage anyway, right?
[Laughs] You know, I'm not sure he would. He's a practicing Catholic but at the same time, he's a bit of a hypocrite. Whether or not he holds out to have sex with Bones because he loves her — that's a good subject matter to examine. That's also not to say he doesn't have an active sex life. We just don't know about it!

TV Guide: What was the motivation to step away from solely self-contained cases to this season's ongoing Silver Skeleton serial-killer storyline?
I think that going into the third season, it's an opportunity to make as many [creative] advances in the scripts as you can and not just appease the network or studio for what they want. Because at the end of the day, it's going to be over. You know, tomorrow you wake up and the show's canceled, and you just go to the next gig.

TV Guide: Is it really that simple?
I mean, ultimately, I've never been one to question my talent. If this show goes away, I'll be working on another one.

TV Guide: On top of your Bones duties, didn't you also spend part of the summer shooting a movie back home in Philadelphia?
Boreanaz: Yeah, I was there doing Our Lady of Victory about Immaculata University's 1972 run for the [women's basketball] championship. Carla Gugino plays the head coach, Ellen Burstyn's in it… it was directed by Tim Chambers, who is also a local Philadelphia guy. I play Ed Rush, who was a real NBA referee, and it was great to kind of step into the shoes of somebody I was familiar with as a kid growing up. I actually met the guy, which is kind of weird.

TV Guide: And how was it being back in Philly?
It was great. I mean, I'm from there, I know the area. When you get a chance to shoot something in your hometown, that really is something special.

TV Guide: So producing, acting, weekend rehearsals… do you get any time off?
I do! [Laughs] Last summer I was in Mexico and Hawaii. I definitely took time to feel my vacation and spend time with my family [wife Jaime and son Jaden]. That's one of the most important things about having time off.

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