Doctors caring for Bobbi Kristina Brown have made a major decision regarding her treatment. The 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, who was found unresponsive and unconscious in a bathtub in late January, will be taken out of her medically induced coma, People reports.

However, the news doesn't necessarily mean that Brown's condition has improved, and sources tell People that her condition remains "severe."

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Taking a patient out of medically induced coma can be done for a few reasons. Subhashini Ramesh, a professor of NeuroCritical Care at Georgia Regents University, tells People "[Doctors] take [patients] off a medically induced coma for two reasons: because the underlying problem has improved, or to simply get a sense of what the patient is able to do for themselves."

Ramesh also notes that Brown's recent tracheotomy is a positive sign, noting that a tracheotomy wouldn't be performed if the patient was considered to be brain dead.

Brown will remain on life support, with a ventilator allowing her breathe and a feeding tube helping her eat.

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