Bob Barker on The Bold and the Beautiful Bob Barker on The Bold and the Beautiful

The price is wrong, bitch! Game show icon Bob Barker will spoof his classic fight scene from Happy Gilmore — the one where he beat the bejesus out of Adam Sandler — on the Thursday, Aug. 28 episode of CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful. The plot has bad boy Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) foolishly mouthing off about Barker's pet cause — pets! Not only does TV Guide Magazine have an exclusive video preview of the resulting smackdown (below), we also spoke to the 90-year-old Barker to get all the deets.

TV Guide Magazine: Congrats on making a return appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful! Does this officially make you a soap star?
Barker: You want to call me a soap star? Hey, at my age, I'll take it! I'm grateful for whatever comes my way, especially when I can get out my message about the importance of spaying and neutering animals. CBS and [B&B exec producer] Brad Bell have been incredible about using the soap to increase awareness. And if I get a chance to punch out a guy who thinks animal lovers are stupid wackos, even better!

TV Guide Magazine: Isn't this one for the Guinness record book — a 90-year-old star in a fight scene? Nothing could go wrong, right?
Barker: Well, first I had to have a talk with Darin, the actor I knocked around. I said, "Just so we're clear, young man, it does not say in the script that you hit back. We got that?" I win all my fights. That's because they're fixed!

TV Guide Magazine: When you were making Happy Gilmore did you ever imagine that scene would become so Zeitgeist-popular?
Barker: Never. Are you kidding? That movie came out in 1996 and there is no way anyone could have predicted that. I continued on The Price is Right until 2007 and in all those years I never taped a show where someone in the audience didn't ask me during a commercial break about Happy Gilmore. They'd always ask, "Could you really whip Adam Sandler?" Please. Adam Sandler couldn't whip Regis Philbin.

TV Guide Magazine: Sandler kind of owes you his career, doesn't he?
Barker: I take total credit for his success. He'd made a couple of pictures before Happy Gilmore but that's the one that made him a big star. Now, has he called me up since then to ask if I'll be in any of his other movies? No! I'm still waiting by the phone. It's true what they say. Show business is brutal.

Check out Barker's bodacious B&B battle right here: