Veteran scream queen Katharine Isabelle would sooner slit her own throat than reveal the ending of the long-awaited slash-o-rama Freddy vs. Jason (in theaters August 15). "I can't!" the actress tells TV Guide Online with a laugh. "[The producers will] sue me!" But that doesn't mean the co-star of Disturbing Behavior and Bones isn't willing to rattle a few skeletons in the closets of her creepshow colleagues.

For starters, the 21-year-old insists that the scissorhanded villain of A Nightmare on Elm Street (and its umpteen subpar sequels) is really a big softy. "Robert Englund left me a huge bouquet of flowers in my trailer and gave me an 8x10 picture of [himself as] Freddy with the claw that says, 'For Katie, my favorite victim. Love and death, Freddy.' It was the coolest thing!" (Despite her fondness for Englund, Isabelle is no Nightmare fan. "I watched the third one in my trailer because everybody told me it was the best one," she recalls. "[Afterward] I said, 'This is the best one? Man, we're screwed.'")

Even more embarrassing than the fact that cut-up Englund is a bona fide pushover, Isabelle tattles that Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland (another slab of fresh meat on the FvJ chopping block) is a bit of a scaredy cat. "Kelly couldn't even handle being around [Englund]," Isabelle giggles. "She was like, 'I know he's really nice, but get him away from me!'"