George Clooney George Clooney

Award, a war... it's just another week in the life of Academy Award winner George Clooney. According to the Associated Press, the Syriana star is hoppin' mad that Arianna Huffington posted a Democrat-criticizing blog on her website Monday that led folks to believe he was its author. He acknowledges that he gave the syndicated columnist the OK to use excerpts from interviews he's done regarding the Iraq conflict, but this... this, he maintains, he had nothing to do with. "It's not a misunderstanding, it's misrepresentation," the actor's flack fumed. Huffington may want to think twice about getting into a public war of words with Clooney: He's good people. In fact, he's donated his Oscar goody bag to the United Way so that it can be auctioned off to benefit the charity's Hurricane Response and Relief Fund.